Cardigan - Charcoal Merino

Cardigan - Charcoal Merino

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Merino or cotton, the choice is yours. Both are natural, breathable fibres; so important in keeping your little one the right temperature. Toasty warm in winter and cool in summer, these fabrics are great!

Exclusive to Auntie & Me.

Designed to last for two seasons by wearing them a little "oversized" then "just right" as your little one grows. Dome up at the front or leave loose, either looks so cool. 

Please allow 7-10 days for your item(s) to arrive.

Auntie & Me is handmade in Christchurch. We may not always have your item in stock but we will create it for you.

Our Story

Auntie & Me is a Christchurch based brand owned by Sue and Gen Vesey. 

As the amount of grandchildren started to increase in the Vesey family, the requests for stylish handmade clothes for babies began. It was with this that the idea of creating on trend, affordable, hand made clothes for newborns through to pre-schoolers was born. 

Sue with over 40 years experience in the sewing industry and Gen with an expert eye for fashion and design, together make the ultimate team to bring you gorgeous kids clothing label Auntie & Me. 

With only a small team of skilled sewers, it is easy to maintain the highest standard of quality with each garment. With each garment being handmade, we can also make to order a special custom piece if you so wish. 

It is our belief that if you buy quality you will get quantity. Meaning our clothing is designed to be worn every day and passed down to younger siblings, cousins and friends to enjoy. 

Pop on over to check out our range and Welcome to Auntie & Me. 

Sue & Gen xx